Welcome to my story

I always loved hair, glamour & shows. But drag wasn´t always part of my life.

My friends in Berlin took me to a screening show of RuPaul´s DragRace (RPDR) season 6 in march 2014. That night I was amazed by all the fun, beauty & entertainment. I became immediately a fan of the show & drag in general.

Thanks to the open call for hairy/furry/bearded queens from the host Pansy, the idea of doing drag was born.

Absinthia Absolut was officially born on may 6th 2014. After the first time on stage, I knew, this is what I wanna do!


From that point on I´m in an ongoing process of transforming & developing my art of drag.

I love to fulfill my dreams of creating art performances. To do dance routines with my sisters. To model in front of the camera. Tell a story. Paint a picture. All the work I put in Drag is giving me so much happiness.

I had the fortune to perform with international drag celebrities such as Alaska Thunderfuck, Peaches Christ & Epiphany Get Paid. And Berlins Gloria Viagra & Biggie van Blond.

With amsterdam I have a dear connection thanks to Lady Galore who brought me to the legendary Milkshake Festival. Further I had the pleasure to be in the Kings&Queens project of Leon Hendrickx & Snorella WC.

Come & let us create something beautiful.